School Hours

School Day

Please note this totals the compulsory 32.5 hours a week. 

Doors open


School begins


Break time

Fifteen minutes between 10.30 - 11.00am

Lunch break

12.00 - 1pm

Break time

Flexible during pm

School Ends



The total number of school hours is 32.5 per week.

Times of School Sessions – A Typical Day Morning Session 8.50am to 12pm Afternoon session 1pm to 3.15pm Children should arrive promplty at school for 8.50am when the door is opened for them. Parents are responsible for their children until they enter school. Registration takes place at 8.55am.

Entry into school is by the side gate in Pooles Lane into our playground for KS1 and the Top door (with bell) for KS2 which is opened at 8.50am and closed at 8.55am.

If your child arrives late he/she will be admitted through the front door. Registers are taken at 8.55am and if a child has not arrived by this time a late mark will be recorded. If a child has not arrived by then this will be recorded as late after registers close. If no contact from home has been received then the school will try to contact parent(s) to establish the whereabouts of the pupil.

At 3.15pm the side gate into Pooles Lane is opened for parents to come into the playground to collect their children. Key Stage 1 and reception pupils are collected from the outside learning area by the patio. Key Stage 2 pupils should be collected from the playground unless the school has had written/signed permission for them to walk home alone.

Please do not park in Pooles Lane when collecting or dropping off your child for obvious safety reasons. At the beginning of each school year you will be asked to fill in a form stating whether your child is to be collected from school at the end of the day or may walk home alone.

If there are any changes in the arrangements or you are not collecting your child yourself please let the school know in advance and fill in the form in the front porch. If the parent or designated person fails to collect a child at the appointed time then the contacts on the emergency list are telephoned in order of priority.

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