English Curriculum (Reading and Writing)

Reading Schemes

Winsham School uses a reading scheme in which the children are able to choose from ability based reading bands. Once a child is a free reader, they have the opportunity to access a variety of fiction and non-fiction books across a range of genres.  We encourage children to read these in school and at home. 

In Key Stage 2 children undertake regular guided reading.  This will either be exploring a longer chapter book to develop an interest in books and a love of reading.  Or the children will follow a structured approach.  They will have the opportunity to engage with a variety of vocabulary rich texts linked to their learning in another curriculum.  There will be 5 tier two words daily as well a comprehension session.  We usually alternate each term so this will mean three structured sessions and three longer chapter books.


English is taught following the National Curriculum programme of study.  We use an  approach that is based on the use of vocabulary rich texts (real books) and the children engaging in a range of short burst writes leading to a finished product.  This allows children to develop their vocabulary, grammar and punctuation skills as well as experiencing  a variety of texts throughout the school year. Our English lessons include discrete guided reading, spelling and grammar sessions. Additional time is given to handwriting, individual reading, and the listening to and reading of stories, poems or non-fiction books.   

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