COVID information

Our Response to Covid-19

This information is intended to provide clarity and transparency to parents/carers and learners about the school and Trust's response to the COVID crisis.


Page Downloads Date  
Parent Carer Letter Covid 19 Update 17 M... 08th Nov 2021 Download
School closure letter to parents 20.3.20 20th Mar 2021 Download
Remote Learning Plan 2020/21 23rd Oct 2020 Download
Remote Learning Plan Update January 2021 22nd Jan 2021 Download
Home Learning January 2021 06th Jan 2021 Download
Food Bank 20th Oct 2020 Download
Arrangements for informing schools of a... 28th May 2021 Download
Remote Learning Parent Guide 21st Nov 2020 Download
COVID Checker Guide 15th Sep 2020 Download
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