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Posted on: January 14th 2021

Lindsay Gabriel, Executive Head of School retires

Dear Parents and Carers,

I am sad to announce that Lindsay Gabriel has decided that now is the time for her to retire. Lindsay has worked in school leadership for 15 years and has contributed a huge amount to the profession. She has spent almost 2 years leading TRLP's Small Schools' Hub and in this time has brought the 3 schools together as an effective team enabling significant improvements in the teaching and learning for all students. She is a kind, caring leader who has supported her staff team during the unprecedented circumstances which have been thrust upon us over much of the year. 

I am sure you would like to join me to thank Lindsay for her contribution to the schools and wish her a safe, healthy and happy retirement.

Yours faithfully,

Suzanne Flack


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Message from Sue Rogers DCEO Posted on: 26/03/2021

Message from Sue Rogers DCEO

It was so lovely to welcome all our children back on March 8th. Just to see them with their friends and settling back into school has been a pure delight for all of us. All our schools planned very carefully for their return.  The return to learning has been balanced with a great deal of social and emotional focus, along with plenty of practical and outdoor activity. Thankfully we have had some beautiful weather and this has been a real bonus.   As we head towards our Easter break we thought we would reflect on the year we have all experienced. For all of us this has been quite an incredible journey.  Together we have been through school closures, learned how to do home education, raised £20,000 in our crowdfunder to feed 90 families, delivered over 1000 food boxes over 15 weeks and tried very hard to protect each other from the risks of Covid19. What a journey!   We have all had the opportunity during this year to think about what is really important to us: our families, our children, coffee with friends and just to be able to walk wherever we want. When we get to the other side of this pandemic maybe we will value more of these simple things.   So let us hope the weather will be beautiful this Easter, even if we cannot travel, at least we can enjoy the sunshine in our gardens or on our local walks. We look forward to welcoming everyone back to school on Tuesday April 20th.   Best Wishes Sue Rogers  Categories: 1 CategorySchool News
Message from Sue Rogers Deputy CEO Posted on: 26/02/2021

Message from Sue Rogers Deputy CEO

Dear Parents and Carers, I do hope you and your family managed to enjoy some time together over the half-term break. I appreciate that we couldn’t really go anywhere but at least the pressure of home schooling was relieved!  With the publication of the Government’s roadmap we can now have hope for the future. Whilst this has been a very anxious time for many of us, there is a light and real hope for those things that we have all been missing. Time with families, opportunities to take a drive to the seaside or for a walk somewhere different. Holidays! I wonder if we will ever take those things for granted after a year of not having those very basic freedoms.  It has been lovely to have as many as 40-50% of our children in our schools during this last lockdown but I can say that we are very excited about seeing all our children on March 8th. We are currently ensuring that we are ready and making plans for the continued safety of your children and our staff when everyone returns. Whilst we all know that learning is very important, and of course we are planning to accelerate every child’s progress as we move forward, we also know that for our children being back together with their friends, taking part in physical activity, creative work and opportunities to be supported with their social, emotional and mental health will also be very important.  I have just been reading a letter that has been written to share with children and young people and  I came across the following quote: You are the future and that future is not written. There are challenges but there always have been and always will be: we know we will get through this together. We have complete faith in you. We want you to know that; more than anything. Do not let us or anyone else tell you what you can or can’t be. We don’t know. We cannot imagine what you will achieve. But we are so excited to see and be a part of it.   We hope to see you back in our school very soon. Whatever happens next, it will just be another step in your journey.” What perfect encouragement for our children, our staff, our parents and the wider community to begin to write our unwritten future. We look forward to welcoming your children back to school on March 8th.   Best Wishes Sue Rogers  Categories: 1 CategorySchool News
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