At Winsham, it is our intent for your child/ren to access  an exciting and vibrant curriculum that will support them to become independent, resilient, well rounded learners that have the skills necessary to become successful adults capable of taking opportunities beyond their environment. 

We do this by (implement) ensuring that we deliver a rich and diverse curriculum that goes beyond the requirements of the national curriculum.  We have three core values that are at the centre of the curriculum: academic excellence, character education and learning to learn (metacognition) and our curriculum is designed to reflect a wide range of learning experiences.

As a small school with mixed age classes, we organise the curriculum on a rolling programme basis so children encounter different areas of learning throughout their time with us. 

We structure and sequence our curriculum to ensure that pupils can build on prior learning which helps them to develop long term memory. Subject experiences are planned across the year and phase in order to allow concepts to be reinforced and remembered. The skills and knowledge that need to be taught are broken down into small, progressive steps and are used to inform teachers' planning. 

The  impact and outcome is an exciting curriculum that meets the needs of your child/ren built upon these 3 key foundations

Academic Excellence

A deep body of knowledge within subject disciplinaries will be facilitated that will support and enable the children in expressing their learning to the highest standard. The children will be supoorted to develop resilience and a confidence in challenging themselves further.


‘Metacognition’ is the process of thinking about thinking. In all our learning, we provide  children with the metacognitive tools (or ‘thinking’ tools) that they need to support higher order thinking, synthesis of knowledge and creating of new thinking. By engaging with our curriculum, we will teach our children to become  critical and resilient thinkers who are not only confident to ask questions, but who are  informed and articulate enough to ask the right questions.  We use an enquiry approach to drive our learning experiences.

Character Education

We seek to develop character as an essential element within our curriculum as we want our children to experience the possibilities and opportuunities of life beyond the classroom which will lead to them being able to thrive; making a difference to themselves and to those around them - a positive impact on society.

If you would like further information about the curriculum please contact the main school office who will be more than happy to help.

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Curriculum Class Maps:

EYFS / KS1 2021-22 EYFS / KS1 2022-23
EYFS / KS1 2023-24 EYFS / KS1 2024-25
KS2 2021-22 KS2 2022-23
KS2 2023-24 KS2 2024-25



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